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The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene

New Light for a New Age
By Judy Satori

In July 2012 Judy Satori was asked by Spirit to journey to La Sainte-Baume in Provence, the cave where Mary Magdalene is reputed to have lived for 30 years.  This is the story of her experiences there and includes a channeled update from Spirit about the Magdalene energy and its new purpose in our lives.

On July 7 last year during a visit to Provence, my husband Tim and I climbed the rocky pathway to La Sainte-Baume, the cave where Mary Magdalene is said to have lived after she left Galilee and arrived by boat with her exiled companions at St Marie de la Mer in the Camargue region of France.  It was a mid-summer morning and just after 5.30 am when we began the climb.  The sun was rising over the valley as we walked through the sacred forest of the rocky Massif de la Sainte-Baume to the grotto chapel.  The cave chapel has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries and the trees in the ancient forest have never been felled. It was still and quiet.  I felt excited.  A high, loving, tingling energy was flooding into me and I knew in my heart that I had come for some type of awakening and that something important lay ahead.   

"Hold you hand over the descending light to feel her energy."

There are two paths to the mountain cave and we chose the narrow winding path that the monks have used for centuries.  It was very still and quiet and being so early in the morning we were completely alone in the forest.

After an hour and a quarter we arrived at the base of 150 stone steps that lead upwards to the wooden entrance door of the small abbey built into the mountain cave which is cared for by Dominican monks and nuns who also maintain the Hostellerie de la Sainte-Baume which is located on the flat, grassy plain at the foot of the mountain.  From here we stopped to rest for a few minutes before ascending the stone staircase.  Behind us in the distance we could see the little village of Plan d’Ups, 700 metres above sea level and further on the village of St Maximim de la Baume where we had spent the night.  The previous day we had visited the church of St Madeleine, the largest Gothic church in Provence and the crypt in the church where Mary’s bones are interred.  Beyond the town of St Maximim is a flat, rather barren, though extremely picturesque, coastal plain, dotted with small villages and ancient church steeples which runs all the way to the Mediterranean.  I was particularly impressed by the quality of light in Provence, which looked just the light captured on canvas in the paintings of the great Masters.  The sky was a purple-blue and hazy with the typical Provencal colors of purple, blue and gold, sharp and intense in the early morning light. 

It did not take long to climb the 150 stone steps and at 10 minutes to seven we were standing outside the locked entrance gate to the Sainte-Baume grotto.  We did not expect to go in.  We had visited the abbey the day before, but I had been told by Spirit to be there at this time for a reason.
I am always guided by Spirit what I am to do and on the dot of 7 am I felt to raise my hands to the heavens. I shut my eyes as I prayed and waited.  Then Light Language, God’s language of light poured from me in a tremendous burst of energy.  The words just kept on coming.  It was not something that I could control, only agree to.  I felt transported, as if shifted into another dimension entirely.  At the exact moment I began speaking Light Language the bells of the chapel also began to toll and for 11 minutes the Language of Light and the chapel bells of the Sainte-Baume chapel were in complete unison.
It felt to me as if a great blessing and a gift was being given, not to me, but to all of us and to the Earth itself.  

Now almost seven months later I am writing the next installment to this story.  This ‘addendum’ from Spirit is given to me on January 30th 2013.

“This is both a new beginning and a time of transition.  The ascension energies of 21 December have brought the Earth and her people
to a new place and now a new energy is to be transferred to greatly alter the substrate energy patterns of all of you, so that your physical
bodies might be upgraded with a  new energy template and new physical form.  The anchoring of this new energy relies on the heart energy
of Divine Love as its catalyst and generating force.

It is important for you all to realize that before your new Light Body can fully anchor in the physical there is a period of re-synthesis
and recalibration that will affect each of you in different ways, but which is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; all encompassing. 
All aspects of you will go through a process of metamorphosis and be refashioned. You will become newly created beings during the
21 year period of change that lies ahead.  Some of you will remodel and change sooner than others and some will leave this plane
if they are unable to adapt to this new energy and new human life cycle.

The teachings of love that will be as a catalyst to the process of metamorphosis are the ‘Transcripts of Mary Magdalene’ and her
energy of the female, divine voice of God is now ushering forth on Earth to spark a new beginning, an awakened awareness and
a joyful reconnection with your God self within.

The wheels of change are irrevocably turning and this change will soon be seen in all Earthly affairs and conditions.  You will begin
to realize your path and your purpose if this is not known to you and you will open wholeheartedly to your soul’s true vision, without
the fear that has limited you in the past.  

Be at peace.  Open your hearts in trust, faith and surrender to what is coming, even if at this time you feel uncertain and a little afraid. 
This fear energy will soon be replaced with joyful expectancy and a new vision for your life and your higher purpose will be unveiled.

Join together in a spirit of co-creation.  All will be shown to you and all will be as it is meant and destined to be.”

As I write the words I am receiving I am preparing to return to la Sainte-Baume to spend a few weeks with Mary and Spirit. 
After I return to the United States in late March I will be coming to New Zealand to share this new information and energy at two retreats
at Mana Retreat Centre in the Coromandel. 

I look forward to sharing with you a message about love in a new age.

The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene Retreat with Judy Satori
will be held at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel
on either 26-29 April, or 3-6 May.  
More information is available at www.TheSoundOfLight.com   
Bookings should be made through Mana Retreat Centre.  

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Telephone: 07 866 8972

Also in Australia :-

**  Sydney, Australia - May 31 - June 3, 2013
**  Byron Bay 7, 8 ,9, 10, & 11 June 2013
More information is available at www.TheSoundOfLight.com 

Blessings and love to you all,
  Judy Satori

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